Glass Office Partitions

Glass Office Partitions

Elite Partitions & Interiors are Nottingham’s leading glass office partition supplier and installation contractor.

We supply and install all varieties of glass office partitions, doors and windows from basic modular glazed partitions to frameless glazed partitions, screens and doors, including those with glass manifestations, frosting and custom graphics.

We can match your existing glass partitions keeping them in line with the style of your office, or we can recommend a style suited to your taste and budget.

Whatever you requirements, our dedicated team of glazing specialists will cater for your needs and budget and ensure the job is completed on time, on budget and with minimal disruption.

Based in Nottingham, we serve all areas of the East Midlands and beyond including Derby, Leicester, Sheffield and Chesterfield.


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Frameless Glass Office Partitions

Frameless glazed office partitions are by far the most popular and appealing office partition offering an unrivalled solution for meeting rooms and private spaces.

They have the ability to transform and modernise office interiors with their elegance and luxuriousness, and represent professionalism when combined with custom glass manifestations and graphics.

Frameless glass partitions are also available in a double glazed form providing extremely efficient sound insulation. Integrated blinds in glass screens and doors can also offer additional privacy for meeting rooms and the like.

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Framed Glass Office Partitions

Our basic framed glass office partitions are the most cost-effective way to partition your office whilst still allowing natural light to spread throughout and preserve spaciousness.

With frosted options available to maintain privacy, or custom glass manifestations to add a stylish and professional look, the framed glass partition option is on the most part suitable for all budgets, tastes and offices.




Budget Glass Office Partitions

Contrary to popular belief, glass partitions needn’t cost a fortune. Our line of budget partitions also include glass partitions which are a cost effective and affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

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Glass Frosting, Manifestation & Graphics

Whether you’re interested in framed or frameless glazed partitions in your office, we can design, supply and install all types of glass option including partially or fully frosted glass screens, walls and doors, glass manifestations, and customised graphics etched into the glass itself, or into a band of frosting.

Frosted Glass Screens, Walls & Doors

Fully-frosted glazing is usually required when privacy is paramount. Combined with our glass etching service fully-frosted glass will suit your privacy requirements and maintain a professional and stylish look simultaneously.

Partially frosted glass provides an element of privacy but with enhanced elegance and appeal to your glass partition or meeting room. 

Glass Manifestation

Glass manifestations are often a compulsory requirement in order to prevent people walking into the glass walls or doors and causing injury. All our manifestation designs adhere to building regulations and come in a variety of styles.

Glass Graphics

As an alternative to glass manifestations, we can also design and produce any graphics you require to be applied or etched into your glazed screens and doors, including logos, pictures and shapes in any colour.

A popular choice is to have your company logo etched into a band of frosting horizontally across the glass walls and doors.  

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